A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide and a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement - that's the premise of Kickstarter - a funding platform for artists, filmmakers, journalists, designers amongst others. Some projects are so popular that they are up to 1500% funded. Interesting projects on the site include The Wonder City a graphic novel that reimagines New York’s entire history and MakerBeam, an open source building kit.

It's time for good ideas...!

Welcome Back...

With the impending semester a mere 24 hours away the Grays Product Team would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back. Hopefully everyones Summer was packed full with a good balance of relaxation and inspiration setting you up for your respectful year.

Image via DEZEEN

If anyone has the chance to catch the sleeper train to London this weekend the London Design Festival is in full swing. Find a extensive range of images at the following link.

Diary of a Social Venture Start-up

ramblings of ...a self-taught entrepreneur who is chronicling what it takes to launch a social venture.

There are many sections to this blog - all with very valuable information on what is involved in developing a social enterprise or venture. Though they are from a business perspective, YOU are uniquely positioned to know that Design - a.k.a. creative thinking - can inform and help you develop opportunities.

Check out this highly relevant reading for Stage 3 Semester 1 projects.

thebriefdvd... check it out

This is a new DVD resource (release pending) - a new approach to showing how products are created. Four professional Industrial Designers were given the same Design Brief asking them to design a single cup coffee maker. All four Designers were videotaped as they worked, showing how they come up with their ideas and begin to realize them as a final product.

Check it out - there's a 15 minutes preview (available for a limited time) on their website (scroll down to the bottom).

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